A Celebration of Cocktails and Cinema at the National Museum of American History

Cinephiles and craft drink fans came together last week over concoctions mixed by some of Washington's best bartenders.

The Tabard Inn’s Chantal Tseng offered guests a tasty Knickerbocker, a martini variation made with Italian vermouth. Photograph by Jeff Martin.

A trip to the Museum of American History is always an edifying experience, but all the learnin’ goes down a lot easier when you’ve got a strong drink in your hand. Last Wednesday, guests of the museum had the very cool opportunity to sip cocktails made by some of the city’s best bartenders at an event called Raise a Glass to the Silver Screen, part of the Mingle at the Museum series and a collaboration with the Museum of the American Cocktail (MOTAC) in New Orleans.

The Tabard Inn’s Chantal Tseng and Tim Burt served up gin drinks inspired by The Thin Man, while Passenger ’tenders mixed and poured at the Casablanca table. Local cocktail scribe Philip Greene, a MOTAC cofounder, served as emcee, taking guests through a montage of  cocktail cameos in films like The Idle Class, Animal House, and Dead Reckoning.

Check out the slideshow for a close-up look at the boozy event, and visit MOTAC’s website to find out about future opportunities to learn while you drink.