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Guerrilla Crochet Artist Olek Yarn-Bombs Albert Einstein Memorial

Unfortunately DC authorities had no sense of humor and took down the installation within hours.

Photograph courtesy of the artist's Twitter account.

New York-based artist
Olek, recently in the news for yarn-bombing some
Antony Gormley

sculptures in Crosby, England,
struck in DC this morning. At 7 AM, Olek covered the National Academy of Science’s
Albert Einstein Memorial in pink and purple crocheted fabric.

Olek is in town for the Renwick Museum’s “40 Under 40: Craft Futures” exhibition,
which features her as one of the most creative contemporary craft artists born since
1972 (when the Renwick was founded). Olek says Einstein, for her, was an easy choice
since he was such a creative thinker himself. “I thought he might have a sense of
humor about it,” she says.

Sadly, DC didn’t—Olek’s work was removed within hours. But she was sanguine about
it nevertheless. Presumably this kind of thing is par for the course when you’re a
guerilla yarn-bomber. The Polish-born artist just returned from Brazil, where she
tackled an alligator—not
a real one, just a giant children’s playground version. She’s in town until Saturday,
so keep your eyes peeled for more yarn-covered local icons.

For more information about “40 Under 40: Craft Futures,” visit the Renwick Museum’s