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YouTube’s Cutest Baby Panda Videos

To celebrate the National Zoo’s newest arrival, the best the Internet has to offer.

In the spirit of celebrating National Zoo’s newest addition, and because we love baby
animals—especially baby animals being cute in action—we’ve rounded up the best the
viral video giant has to offer in the way of wee panda bears.

At nearly 146 million views, this clip is adorable—and a little alarming. That baby panda is an aggressive sneezer.

Baby panda jail break.
The narrator is no “Honey Badger” but the persistence of the panda cub attempting
to escape its playpen is cute enough to overcome the play-by-play.

Baby pandas aren’t that different from baby humans.

“Complete panda-monium” at panda kindergarten.
We especially love it when the baby pandas go down the slide.

A newborn panda gets a checkup at the San Diego Zoo, where they call the joy of petting
baby pandas tactile desensitization.

All kinds of cute baby panda yawns.

Mama knows best.

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