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How to Care for Jeans

These tips from Paige Speyer, owner of Wink boutique in Georgetown, will lengthen the life of your perfect pair

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

1 “Wash jeans inside out to maintain the color,” says Speyer.
“This is especially important with black and dark-colored denim.
Additionally, try to avoid washing too many times. One wash per five to
six wears is about right.”

2 Another trick she suggests: “The first time you wash a new
pair, add about a half cup of white vinegar and a pinch of baking soda to
the washing machine. It will help prevent fading.” Washing in cold water
instead of hot also helps.

3 “Hang to dry,” Speyer says. “This is a must for me.” At
five-foot-eleven, she can’t risk shrinking the length of her jeans, so she
hangs them instead of tossing them into the dryer. “Make sure any flap
pockets are buttoned closed when drying, and align the seams if you have a
pair of wide-leg or bell-bottom jeans.”

4 “For serious repairs, such as holes or rips,
is amazing,” says Speyer, who is impressed with this website’s ability to
match the color perfectly. Ship off your damaged pair, await the estimate,
and in about two weeks the jeans will come back looking like

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