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July 2013 Contents: Best of Washington

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July 2013 Volume 48, Number 10

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Best of Washington

From its blossoming shopping to its booming burger spots, it’s never been easier to fall hard for our hometown. Plus—readers pick their favorites. Edited by Jessica Voelker

Illustration for The Washingtonian by Justin Metz, Photograph courtesy of PictureNet/Corbis.


Armey in Exile

The 2012 election was supposed to be Dick Armey’s chance to harness Tea Party fervor and bring about sweeping reform. When it all fell apart amid a feud with his comrade-in-arms, not even an $8-million payout could console him. By Luke Mullins

“Children Are Dying”

Because of nationwide shortages, local hospitals are rationing, hoarding, and bartering nutrients that premature babies need to survive. How could this be allowed to happen? By Alexandra Robbins

Living History

The Army’s fife-and-drum corps preserves our Revolutionary traditions—minus the rum. Photographs by Christopher Lane

Great Expectations

As his new album comes out, DC’s most famous rapper, Wale, hopes the third time’s the charm. By Edward G. Robinson III

Capital Comment

Where are they now? (military edition) . . . The pampered life of a summer associate . . . NFL players behaving badly . . . Good summer reads. Anatomy How Six Flags America built its new 250-foot water slide. Behind the Scenes Inside a top-secret tunnel near the Clara Barton Parkway. Parties A garden fete, a bipartisan Nats game, and lots of hats.

Where & When

Zooey Deschanel sings at Wolf Trap . . . The Castleton Festival and Capital Fringe return . . . Bob Dylan at Merriweather . . . Aliens take over the Corcoran . . . The Rocky Horror Show at Studio . . . Cirque du Soleil at the Patriot Center.


Hope on the Half Shell One man’s quest to clean up the bay and preserve a way of life. Treasures in the Attic The strangest items in the Smithsonian’s collections. What Made Me BBC anchor Katty Kay on growing up in the Middle East, getting over failure, and the women who inspire her.


Seeing a Pattern Printed pants are everywhere—and a solid choice for summer. Spray One On New formulas have made air-brush tans more realistic. Plus—testing bottled self-tanners and tips for healthier skin.