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Book Review: “Yes, I Could Care Less” by Bill Walsh

A copyeditor sticking up for good English.

If you dream about correcting the office grammar Nazi
(“Actually, Mortimer, it’s ‘aha’ not ‘a-ha.’ ”), pick up Washington
copyeditor Bill Walsh’s witty book Yes, I Could Care Less:
How to Be a Language Snob Without Being a Jerk.
Here are a few
playful entries:

“Anal-retentive: As a matter of fact, it does have a hyphen.
Thank you for your interest.”

“Armed gunmen: They’re the worst kind.”

“Shepard: To Shepard a plan is to take it on a fifteen minute
suborbital flight while sporting a jaunty crew cut. You probably mean

“Without further ado: It’s a ridiculous cliché. Even when you
don’t make the mistake of spelling it adieu.”

This article appears in the June 2013 issue of The Washingtonian.

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