Here Is Your Chance to Experience Minibar for Free . . . Sort of

In honor of the restaurant’s ten-year anniversary, José Andrés hosts an open house and will give away dinner for two.

Tour Minibar and Barmini on July 15. Photograph by Ken Wyner.

Famously exclusive Minibar—now home to the second-most-expensive tasting menu in the world—turns ten this month. To celebrate, the inventive restaurant will open to the public on July 15. Eater noticed Tuesday morning that owner José Andrés had taken to social media to officially invite the hoi polloi inside his wee palace of modern gastronomy.

The curious should head to 855 E Street, Northwest, between 5 and 9 on the 15th. Included in the free tour, which also offers the opportunity to check out cocktail lab Barmini, will be a chance to sample the signature Philly cheesesteak—an inside-out sandwich consisting of a cheddar-cream-stuffed baguette wrapped in slices of Wagyu beef. While a tour of Minibar is a far cry from the experience of eating there, the former occasion could lead to the latter: A rep sends word that Minibar will be giving away dinner for two on the 15th as well as other prizes.