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What to Do This Week: September 3 to 5

Science projects at the Argonaut and DCFest at the Fairgrounds.

Head to the Fairgrounds on Thursday for DCFest. Photograph by Flickr user danspix.

Tuesday, September 3

SCIENCE: If you’re the kind of person who didn’t leave semester-long science fair projects for the night before and have already updated your periodic table to make room for ununpentium, ArgoLab is the place for you. It’s a cross between Argonaut’s famous trivia and woodshop—you’ll answer questions and then conduct an experiment or build something, and if yours is best, you win a gift card good for a portion of your bar tab. Who said booze and science don’t mix? (No one said that.) Free. 8 PM.

Wednesday, September 4

DANCE: Dancing to “Blurred Lines” or whatever you guys are into these days is child’s play, because looking awkward is in right now. But maybe you should take the time to learn a dance where you have to actually know what you’re doing; these things go in cycles, you know. Head to Tropicalia for salsa and bachata night. Things start with a class before the dance floor opens to the experts—just try to keep up. $10.

Class: 8:30 PM

Open dancing: 9:15 PM to 2 AM

Thursday, September 5

DCFEST: The Nationals have unfortunately not yet given us a ton to cheer about this year, but they’ve still got that lovely Fairgrounds out in front of the stadium. IntheCapital is taking it over this week for DCFest, featuring trinkets for sale from local companies, food trucks, live music, and, of course lots of cornhole and the usual beer and marg selection. Tickets ($20, including one drink ticket) are available online. 5:30 PM.

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