Olivia Pope Style: Enchanting Eveningwear

A look at the fixer’s stunning gowns highlights one of Washington’s style strengths.

Fashion-wise, one of the first showstopping moments on Scandal was in the show’s third episode, when Olivia Pope arrived at a swanky state dinner wearing a white gown. Gone were the bleak grays and blacks that until then dominated her pantsuit-filled wardrobe, and out came a gal who we’d very soon find had impeccable taste in style.

For DC’s working ladies—particularly those in government fields—gala season is the time of year to let their glamorous side take the spotlight. In a town where pencil skirts, neutrals, and minimal makeup abound in the workplace (though, definitely not all workplaces), Washington’s black-tie affairs provide us the opportunity to show the world we can be simultaneously elegant and edgy. In honor of the increasingly stunning gowns that are making their way onto the screen (we recently spotted some refreshing Rubin Singer, shown above) here’s a look back at the eveningwear our style crush has worn throughout the show.

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