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Check Out the Top Selections From the 2014 DC Shorts Film Festival (Video)

The annual event wrapped up this weekend with a Best Of showcase.

Still from "They Are the Last" via DC Shorts.

An average, hard-working man must document all of human life before earth is destroyed. A girl and boy use shoelaces to make the world a better place. A man loses his wife but finds a big brass band. Out of 135 short films from 25 countries in this year’s DC Shorts Film Festival, these were some of the judges’ favorite stories. The festival wrapped up with a Best Of screening this weekend, at which the selections were whittled down to ten of the year’s most thoughtful, hilarious, and surprising two- to 29-minute films. Though two of the top ten do not have trailers available online, you can get a look at the other eight below; find the full list of winners here. (Film descriptions are via DC Shorts.)

“Cadet”: Outstanding Live-Action Short

Pushed by his coach/father, a young runner eventually lashes out at the least expected moment.


“Yearbook”: Outstanding Animated Short

With the end of the world right around the corner, a man is asked to write the final pages of recorded human history.

Yearbook TRAILER from Bernardo Britto on Vimeo.


“The Silly Bastard Next to the Bed”: Outstanding Documentary Short

A retired Air Force officer realizes he was at the center of a huge political scandal during the Kennedy administration.

The Silly Bastard Next to the Bed from scott calonico on Vimeo.


“Lialou”: Outstanding First-Time Director

A couple seeks to change the world with, of all things, shoelaces.


“The Chaperone”: Festival Director’s Choice

When a motorcycle gang crashes a school dance, there’s only one person who can restore order: the chaperone.


“What Cheer?”: Filmmaker’s Favorite

Struggling to overcome the death of his wife, a man is tormented by a cheerful marching band that follows him seemingly everywhere.


“They Are the Last”: Special Jury Mention for Excellence in Storytelling

A day in the life of a lighthouse keeper on a remote cape off the Uruguayan coastline.


“This is Me”: Special Jury Mention for Importance of Storytelling

Balinda shares her story of how medical marijuana has changed her life.

This Is Me from Jasper Colt on Vimeo.