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TV Recap: Homeland, Season 4, Episode 5 “About a Boy”

Also known as the episode in which Carrie really should have answered her phone.

It's so hard to tell when Carrie is being genuine. Photograph by David Bloomer/Showtime.

In case you couldn’t tell by now, Saul is my favorite character on Homeland, so I’m freaking out a bit after this week’s episode. Here’s where we found everyone this week.

Saul Berenson

Best moment: Spotting Carrie’s target was great, but I can’t really give Saul credit for that, since the whole thing was probably just a trap. I’ll give him points for ordering orange juice at the juice bar, I guess.

Worst moment: Saul, WHY DID YOU GO IN THAT BATHROOM?! Maybe that guy just had some bad pizza and needed a little time in there; you never know.

Number of flights home he’s missed: Two (not by choice this time).

Peter Quinn

Best moment: I think I can speak for us all when I say that Quinn is at his best when he’s telling off Carrie. Loved all of the sass in his “Have fun.”

Worst moment: Quinn seems to be the only person who understands how manipulative/terrible Carrie is, yet he still (maybe?) loves her.

Number of angry voicemails he left Carrie: Two.

Carrie Mathison

Best moment: I liked Carrie’s story about Brody being another journalist. She gets points for creativity, at least.

Worst moment: It’s getting hard to tell when Carrie is actually feeling genuine feelings and when she’s trying to play Aayan. Telling him about her daughter in order to manipulate him into opening up to her is about as low as it gets, though.

Number of times she thought about baby Frannie: ONE! Baby Frannie is finally back on the radar. We also learned her full name is Francis after Carrie’s dad, which is actually kind of sweet.

Other important plot lines to note:

  • Speaking of baby Frannie, the ambassador’s husband carried out the first task of his blackmail duty this week, snooping around Carrie’s apartment. He took photos of a picture of baby Frannie and of Carrie’s meds to send back to the woman from the ISI. I hope they’re not planning to use baby Frannie to get to Carrie, because that plan seems destined to be ineffective.
  • Carrie screwed everyone over this week by not answering her phone. Quinn and Fara were feet away from tracking a cleric’s car—oh, just the same car that had Saul in its trunk—but they couldn’t do it without her help. I find it hard to believe that not one person was traveling with the former director of the CIA, but apparently that’s the case here. When is everyone going to realize Saul is gone? Forget about Aayan’s terrorist uncle, who’s sick anyway—Saul’s safe return is really all I care about at this point.

What were your favorite and least favorite moments of last night’s episode? Let us know in the comments.