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Uber Is Delivering Kittens Wednesday

Those with cat allergies might want to take an extended lunch break.

Kittens, now available for delivery. Image via Shutterstock.

Does anyone actually use Uber to get from place to place these days? The ride-sharing app has branched out into so many delivery services—ice cream, Christmas trees, random things you could buy at 7-Eleven, even, just last week, flu shots—that it’s hard to remember what the company was originally designed to do.

At least this time, it’s delivering cuteness: In honor of National Cat Day, Uber, which has partnered with Cheezburger and the ASPCA, is offering to show up at your office with adorable kittens to help you through the workday doldrums. Between noon and 4 Wednesday, fire up your Uber app, select the “KITTENS” options, and enter the promo code “kittensdc” to unlock the option.

The kittens will be delivered for 15-minute session, in which you can play with the furballs to your heart’s content. Before you get up in arms about the ickiness of using animals for commerce, know that all proceeds from the transaction will be donated to the Washington Humane Society. Worried about suffering from post-kitten-visit depression? Some of the little tykes are up for adoption.

Uber App necessary. noon to 4 PM. $30 for 15 minutes.