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TV Recap: Homeland, Season 4, Episode 8 "Halfway to a Donut"

Carrie breaks a major promise to Saul.

Determined Khan and confused Carrie. Photograph by David Bloomer for Showtime.

Last night was easily the most suspenseful and emotional episode of Homeland this season. After Saul miraculously managed to escape his captors, he was taken again while trying to be rescued. Carrie led him back into the hands of the Taliban, even though she promised otherwise, to save his life. It’s getting hard for the characters (and us viewers) to tell what’s right and what’s wrong anymore, so this week we’re only focusing on everyone’s best moments.

Saul Berenson

Best moment: Saul was amazing in last night’s episode. How do you even pick a lock with a rusty nail? Is that something they teach in CIA school? His escape and the subsequent jokes (“I’m f*cking breathing. I usually walk two blocks to the deli, it’s flat.”) were definitely his high point. While I’m glad Carrie kept Saul alive, it still feels like a loss. His adamant pleas to be spared from becoming a pawn for the terrorists were so genuine, it’s hard not to hurt with him.

Peter Quinn

Best moment: Quinn fulfilled his usual role of supporting Carrie well this episode by reminding her that her condition isn’t a weakness.

Carrie Mathison

Best moment: Carrie was finally seeing clearly this week. Her best moment came at the end of the episode when she said, “Nothing good can happen in this f*cked-up world that we’ve made for ourselves, can it?” (P.S. No, Carrie didn’t think about baby Frannie this week, either.)

More important plot lines to note:

  • Thank goodness someone figured out what Dennis Boyd is up to. I’m getting tired of his “I’m doing something sneaky” face.
  • Now that Carrie and Aasar Khan have had a late-night secret meeting to talk, it’s pretty much confirmed that some sort of romantic relationship will follow. Let’s hope he’s as trustworthy as he seems to be so far.
  • Director Lockhart has all of the sudden become pretty likable. His best line: “I was really looking forward to telling those people to go f*ck themselves, but I don’t see that happening now.”

Would you have led Saul back to the Taliban? Share your thoughts on last night’s episode in the comments.