6 Creative (and Delicious) Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers

Turkey ramen, stuffing waffles, and a bourbon-cranberry sauce cocktail.

When life hands you extra turkey, make turkey ramen. Photograph via Shutterstock.

Everyone loves a turkey-stuffing sandwich the day after Thanksgiving. But if you’re stuck with more than a single round of leftovers—or simply can’t stomach the same meal for lunch—consider these delicious, creative recipes.

Bourbon-cranberry sauce cocktail [Washingtonian]

The least-versatile Thanksgiving leftover can be turned into a tasty bourbon cocktail, courtesy of barman Micah Wilder.

Turkey ramen [Bon Appétit]

Yes, this recipe requires a little more effort than stacking together a sandwich, but the payoff is worth it (especially if you’re suffering from Thanksgiving flavor fatigue). Another plus: The broth can be made in advance.

Stuffing waffles [Serious Eats]

Waffle iron? Check. Leftover stuffing and gravy? Double check. Then you’re ready for this recipe, which requires minimal cooking and breathes new, crispy life into your day-old stuffing. Adding a little shredded turkey on top never hurt.

Thanksgiving leftovers pot pie [Washingtonian]

This recipe from Trademark is a delicious way to utilize a whole spread of turkey, sweet potatoes, green beans, and gravy. Make sure to keep things simple by grabbing frozen puff pastry from the store.

Turkey, Brie, and apple-butter sandwiches [Food Network]

Thanksgiv-ify Tyler Florence‘s tasty sandwich with roast turkey, and sub in cranberry sauce if apple butter isn’t part of your autumnal lineup. The melty concoction is a winner regardless.

Mashed potato cakes [Food52]

These simple pan-fried cakes make a versatile base for poached eggs, smoked fish, or, yes, more turkey.

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