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The Hot List: 7 Great Winter Reads

Holiday books that double as beautiful coffee-table decor.

Photograph by Kate Warren Photograph by Kate Warren Photograph by Getty Images. Illustrations by Paul Dickinson. Photograph by Shutterstock/Blend Images. Image via Shutterstock. Photographs by Kip Dawkins. Styling by Marcie Blough. Image via Shutterstock. Illustration by Ryan Snook. Photograph by Jamie Grill/Corbis. Photograph of Thomas by Roy Cox Photography. Photograph of Jones by Andrew Propp. Our publisher’s quick take on the hot holiday movie. Photograph by Kip Dawkins. Sytling by Marcie Blough.

1. The Things That Matter by Nate Berkus

“Nate Berkus has a wonderful writing style, and the photos are richly composed. It reinforces my design philosophy that homes are a reflection of who we are and where we’ve been.”

Lindsay Boudreaux, Interior Designer at Shotgun Double; Mom to Henry, 2

2. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty by Andrew Bolton

“The photos in this book are stunning. My assistant, who comes from a fashion background, sold me on this one, and I love having it around.”

Melanie Ouellette Karlins, Printer & Designer at Grey Moggie Press; Mom to Elsie, 3

3. Memos, The Vogue Years by Diana Vreeland

“Reading about the legacy of the greatest fashion magazine editor is both entertaining and enlightening. It’s so fascinating to read these notes and feel Diana Vreeland’s perspective.”

K.P. Murray, Owner of Elle Lash Bar; Mom to Aiden, 5

4. Renzo Mongiardino, Renaissance Master of Style by Laure Verchere

“I love Renzo Mongiardino’s idea that more is more. He was all about opulence and grandeur, which is fitting considering his clientele included Valentino Garavani, Gianni Versace, and Aristotle Onassis. He designed rooms with whimsy and fantasy.”

Julia Miles, Stay-at-home mom; Mom to Ruby, 6, and Tim, 2

5. For the Love of Shoes by Patrice Farameh

“My best girlfriend gave me this book when I opened my store. It’s guaranteed to spark a conversation about high fashion—and even higher heels. It archives all things shoes, from classic collections to modern trends.”

Kelly Ferenc, Owner of Bishop Boutique; Mom to Henry, 16 months

6. About Time by Vahram Muratyan

“I particularly love flipping through this book because the illustrations are thought-provoking. I even look through it with my daughter, even though she doesn’t fully understand it yet, but it creates many precious moments.”

Kate Ellis, General Manager at Morrison House; Mom to Kayleigh, 18 months

7. The Beatles Lyrics edited by Hunter Davies

“Being British, the Beatles’ songs were always an integral part of the soundtrack of my childhood, but it wasn’t until I was in university that certain ones made an impact on me. Seeing the lyrics on a page makes me think about them, and reinterpret the words in a different way.”

Katherine Malcolm, Project Coordinator at Georgetown University Art Department; Mom to Freya, 18 months