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TV Recap: Homeland, Season 4, Episode 12, “Krieg Nicht Lieb”

Quinn and Carrie are both at their best this week.

Director Lockhart is actually helpful to Carrie for once. Photograph by David Bloomer for Showtime.

This episode, we learned that Quinn is way smarter than everyone else—including Carrie. In just a matter of days he put together a plan to wipe out Haqqani, which Carrie then ruined. It looks like it doesn’t matter, though, since the secret plan in place that Carrie and Director Lockhart didn’t know about was apparently Dar Adal making his way close to Haqqani.

We didn’t get any Saul this episode, but he deserved a break after everything he’s been through.

Peter Quinn

Best moment: While he’s certainly on a death mission, Quinn is at his best when he’s standing up to Carrie. “I was stupid enough to listen to you the first time. I was stupid enough to come back here when you asked me, so I witnessed the fall of the station and the slaughter of my colleagues. So I have never, ever been so convinced of what has to happen now.”

Worst moment: Showing the pictures of dead Aayan to his friend was a pretty crappy way to get her to help him.

Number of times he shot one of the good guys: One.

Carrie Mathison

Best moment: Carrie responded to her dad’s death like a reasonable human, which is a lot for her. “I thought he’d live forever.”

Worst moment: She tried to take a stand with Quinn but let him walk all over her.

Number of times she thought about baby Frannie: The moment we’ve been waiting for all season is here—Carrie asked to see baby Frannie! Is it just me or does that baby look a crazy amount like Damian Lewis?

More plot lines to take note of:

  • Director Lockhart is actually being helpful to Carrie. Who would have thought?
  • Khan was extremely disappointing this episode, until we realized he was in on the plan at the end. I’m hoping Tasneem gets a cruel dose of reality next episode.

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