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TV Recap: State of Affairs, Season 1, Episode 7, “Bellerophon”

The team closes in on Fattah.

Charlie and Nick spend some quality time abroad. Image via NBC.

The fun abroad continues on State of Affairs this week—after Charlie finally spills the beans about Omar Fattah being a CIA asset, POTUS tells her to hang out in Yemen and make contact with him. Turns out Nick has also been in Yemen, and they return to their old partner dynamic to find out how to get in touch with Fattah, complete with fake Australian accents, a mad dash through the city, and—of course—a little sexytime action. Let’s recap.


While I could not care less about Charlie and Nick’s physical relationship, I enjoyed their spy high jinks. Also: “It’s like terrorist Whack-a-Mole.”

The briefing team is now on full-time Charlie duty, so they’ll be integrated into the action. Also Mo is staying on as POTUS’s briefer—does that mean she’s officially no longer the sidekick?

“Loose Cannon Lucas,” as I’ll now officially refer to him, is certainly more interesting as a moderately unhinged struggling alcoholic than as a mere lackey for the CIA director. Still, come on, Mo, don’t be so predictable!

“Her voice is like an ice pick in the ears.” Senator Green continues to be a pain for POTUS, but at least Constance doesn’t feel the need to hide her distaste.

The symbol for Ar Rissalah becomes a meme. I’ll give it points for realism.

“Now I know why you’re in Yemen.” Snotty Charlie is fun Charlie, at least in my opinion.


The ripped-from-the-headlines approach took a sharp left into ridiculous this week thanks to an extended sequence in which an American Ar Rissalah recruit manages to hop the White House fence, walk straight into the Oval Office, and vandalize a portrait of Abraham Lincoln. Even if the Secret Service hasn’t learned its lesson by now, we know Hurricane and Jordan wouldn’t stand for it.

The almost-killing of Alik Al-Moussari, a.k.a. Bullwinkle, lacked tension because the outcome was so obvious. It made sense for POTUS to call off the raid, but the decision could have been set up to be more difficult.

Would a government agency really risk arresting a college professor in front of a class full of kids with cellphone cameras?


Two questions about Nick: Who orchestrated his meet-up with Charlie in Yemen? And why did he not have a few seconds to button his shirt before he made his escape from the shipping container he was tortured in but found plenty of time to stand around outside, blinking in confusion?

Charlie’s headed to Egypt, and Nick ends up with a bloody lip and another hood over his head. Where’s he going to land this time?

“Read the book.” Don’t mess with Dashiell when it comes to Greek mythology.

We must be headed for another twist with Fattah—so what’s his end game?

Next week: Looks like the action centers on finding Jack Dawkins, who was taken from the prison he’s been languishing in since episode four. Share your thoughts about State of Affairs in the comments.