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You Can See the Worst Movie Ever Made at E Street Cinema This Weekend

The theater is offering three late-night screenings of “The Room.”

Meet Tommy Wiseau (in the sunglasses) at E Street Cinema this weekend. Photograph via Wikimedia Commons.

With this year’s Academy Awards nominations finally announced, perhaps you’re planning to devote your three-day weekend to all the prestige pics you didn’t have a chance to watch in 2014. Or perhaps you’re so incensed by Selma’s snubs that you intend to stick it to Hollywood by only seeing horrible movies. If you fall into the latter camp, E Street Cinema is your destination: Friday through Sunday, the theater screens 2003’s The Room, the film Entertainment Weekly dubbed “the Citizen Kane of bad movies.” The movie, a romantic drama dubiously reclassified as a black comedy, stars Tommy Wiseau—who also served as director and producer—as a San Francisco banker who gets royally screwed over by his fiancée, his best friend, and the concept of continuity in storylines.

Like the film itself, late-night screenings have become a cult favorite, and E Street is throwing in the bonus of a chance to meet Wiseau. The auteur will attend all three screenings to answer questions about his film as well as his new TV series, The Neighbors, which will also screen. But—fair warning—asking him too pointed of a question could result in him calling you a prick. Tickets for the screenings (Friday and Saturday at 12:15, Sunday at 10) are $21 each and include, according to the theater, a very special pair of The Room underwear. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us.