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Live on Wednesday Nights: "The Voice"! With Shiner and Real Country Crooning!

"Voice" star and attorney Jack Gregori will sing any country song you want to hear at Madam's Organ.

Gregori: Don't ask him to play Skynyrd. Photograph courtesy NBC.

I have seen Country Music Jesus, and his name is Jack Gregori. He wears a black hat, perfectly positioned, and can make a grown man cry with his rendition of Neil Young‘s “Helpless.” His whiskey is strong and his beard is sincere, and on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm he appears on a little show called The Voice, doing his country-crooner thing on behalf of something called #TeamAdam.

Gregori is the frontman for Human Country Jukebox, a band named for its ability to perform most any country song requested—more than 200, according to the HCJ website. He’s also, as he described himself to NBC, “kind of an adventurer.” In practice, this means that he and the Jukebox show up at Madam’s Organ every Wednesday at 9:30 and take requests written down on napkins. Because this town has good taste in country, the No. 1 request is, naturally, “Amarillo By Morning.”

Gregori, who works as a real-estate attorney by day, told the Washington Post he hopes his appearance on The Voice will push his music career forward. I do not know what Team Adam is, other than musician Adam Levine is involved, and Simon Cowell is not. But 13 million people can’t be wrong. Jack “Country Music Jesus” Gregori, native Washingtonian, will do well, will win this thing, will take whatever crown or trophy they give him home to the District (of Country).

And, till Nashville steals him away, he’ll play at Madam’s Organ. Amarillo’s favorite beer, Shiner Bock, is on tap. Cover is $4. Raise a glass to the man in the black hat. Just don’t request “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Harrison Smith

Harrison Smith (@harrisondsmith on Twitter) has contributed to the Washington Post and Chicago magazine. He can be reached at [email protected].