Pi Day Wedding at &pizza

Katie Hendrickson and Michael Moyer wed on March 14, 2015.

All photographs by Maggie Gaudaen for Pop! Wed Co..

After graduating from college, Katie Hendrickson and Michael Moyer were quick to get fed up with the lack of romance at the local bar scene, so they both joined e-Harmony. After spotting one another’s profiles, they decided to meet for coffee, but the date went so well that it turned into an impromptu dinner out.

They dated for six years before deciding to move from Athens, Ohio to DC together. The week before leaving Ohio, Michael asked Katie to go geocaching—a kind of worldwide, GPS-guided scavenger hunt—to look for one that would symbolize their time in Athens. They went for a walk down a bike path and quickly located two geocaches, but when they came across the third, Michael pretended to hand Katie the geocache container, but instead passed her a small, camouflage tape-covered box. “I thought nothing of it and opened it up, and inside was a perfect sapphire engagement ring,” says Katie.

The pair, who love pizza and felt that the ampersand of &pizza was a nice symbol of their union, set their wedding date for Pi Day at the local pizza chain’s U Street shop. Their wedding was pop-up style, so they hired Maggie Gaudaen, the co-founder of Pop! Wed Co. to photograph their pizza parlor nuptials. “We loved the laid-back style and the idea of having a short, sweet, and small ceremony,” says Katie.

Venue: &pizza U Street

Photographer: Maggie Gaudaen, Pop! Wed Co.

Flowers: Trader Joe’s

Bride’s Gown: 4 Collective

Brides’s Shoes: Pierre Hardy

Groom’s Suit: Tommy Hilfiger

Groom’s Shoes: Allen Edmonds

Rings: Brilliant Earth

Cake: Bakeshop

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