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Update: You Don’t Have to Mention Toilet Paper If You Write About New Kids on the Block

Earlier today, an email to Washingtonian from a publicist said media could cover New Kids on the Block’s concert at Washington, DC’s Verizon Center Wednesday night.

There was just one catch: “Attending press will be expected to cover the Cottonelle GO COMMANDO sponsorship,” the publicist wrote. The tour is sponsored by the toilet-paper company’s campaign to convince people to not wear underwear.

After this post was published, a spokesperson from the PR firm Ketchum got in touch: “The individual who reached out to you about tonight’s concert included language that was not accurate,” the spokesperson said. “Media invitations to events like this are not contingent upon any expectations of media coverage.” (Jim Romenesko received similar language.)

The original email didn’t make it seem like it would be hard to mention NKOTB’s toilet-paper deal: “the campaign has presence in the show, so the brand mention can be very organic,” the email said. And the band members would be willing to help: “Jordan, Joey, Donnie, Danny and Jon each have some very poignant thoughts on using the right toilet paper!”

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