25 Ideas to Make Your University of Maryland Wedding Amazing

Fear the Turtle!

1. Once you’re engaged, head straight for the end zone at Byrd Stadium to take some save-the-date snapshots.

Photograph by Photography by Brea.

2. Or just wrap up in the Maryland flag for a romantic photo.

Photograph by Andrea & Renata.

3. Pull in the color scheme with red flowers.

Photograph by Jeana M. Photography.

4. And incorporate the UMD logo into invitations.

Photograph by Jeana M. Photography.

5. The bride can wear some Maryland pride on her garter.

University of Maryland Terrapins Wedding Bridal Garter, $17.99 on Etsy.

6. Or sew a heart from a scrap of Maryland flag into her dress.

Photograph by Andrea & Renata.

7. The groomsmen can wear UMD socks.

Photograph by Taylor & Ben Photography.

8. And the groom can don a Maryland tie.

Photograph by Andrea & Renata.

9. And some classy Maryland flag cufflinks.

Photograph by Kate Headley.

10. Or even suspenders.

Photograph by Jeana M. Photography.

11. The bridesmaids will fit right in with red dresses.

Photograph by Andrea & Renata.

12. Terrapin flip-flops make a great gift for the ladies to wear while they get ready the morning of.

Women’s Lillybee U Maryland Terrapins Flip-Flop with Bow, $47.95 at Terrapin Fan Shop.

13. While the groom can thank his groomsmen with needlepoint logo keychains.

Maryland Flag Needlepoint Key Fob, $28.50 at Smathers & Branson.

14. The Memorial Chapel makes for a lovely ceremony venue.

Photograph by Taylor & Ben Photography.

15. After which you’ll want to take photos at the M.

Photograph by The Happy Couple Photography.

16. And on the quad in front of the waterfall fountains.

Photograph by Jeff Simpson.

17. You can’t forget a shot with Testudo in front of the library.

Photograph by Taylor & Ben Photography.

18. Or miss out on the lovely tree-shaded walk along the mall.

Photograph by Andrea & Renata.

19. A map of Maryland can serve as your guest book.

Personalized Wedding Location and State Map Print Wedding Guest Book, $17 on Etsy.

20. Which you can set up at your Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center reception.

Photograph by Mike Morgan Photography.

21. Decorate the tables with turtle-print place cards.

Photograph by Jeana M. Photography.

22. And make sure to get a shot beneath the Maryland logo on the wall.

Photograph by Andrea & Renata.

23. If you’re lucky, Testudo himself may make an appearance.

For more information on having Testudo at your wedding, email

24. For favors, pass out UMD sunglasses to send your guests off in style.

Society42 Maryland Terrapins Sunglasses, $19.95 at Terrapin Fan Shop.

25. And make sure to snag a photo in front of the curved staircase outside of the Alumni Center before leaving for happily ever after in your Maryland red car.

Photograph by Andrea & Renata.


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