Good Humor’s Free Ice Cream Truck Can Be a Bummer to Find

Photograph via Shutterstock.

Today would have been a great day for ice cream. Especially free ice cream.

Too bad finding the Good Humor ice cream truck was like playing real-life “Where’s Waldo?”

Two days ago, this glorious Tweet was posted:

Our reaction:

Along comes Wednesday, and we decided to find the promised free ice cream in Dupont, only to be confronted with an unfunny situation: the Good Humor truck was nowhere to be found.

We then noticed the following Tweet, stating that the treats would be in Georgetown:

So off we trudged to Georgetown in search of the elusive truck.

And, like many others, we couldn’t find it. Anywhere. Not on cobblestoned streets, and not near the Waterfront—where else in Georgetown could an ice cream truck go?

We took to Twitter to find answers. Direct messages were sent. Good Humor’s Tweets were scoured. Apparently other people were just as perplexed:

The Good Humor responses were vague:

Seriously, what kind of place calls itself “Good Humor,” promises free ice cream, and doesn’t deliver?

However, some lucky Washingtonians were able to spot Good Humor’s truck as it went back and forth between Dupont, Penn Quarter, and Georgetown, never staying in one location too long. It seems we just needed to be in the right place at the right time.

Hot and humorless, we found refuge in Sprinkles for something reliable—a cupcake. But no matter how delicious, a cupcake is no substitute for cold and creamy ice cream on a 93 degree day in Washington.

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