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The Washingtonian GIF Guide to a Very Happy Thanksgiving

The holiday season is finally here, and with it, massive influxes of calories and family members that will send you on an emotional roller-coaster ride for the next month. From trying to escape DC’s bumper-to-bumper traffic to your out-of-town visitors provoking the stereotypical Washington conversations you don’t want to hear, you’re going to feel all the feelings.

So here are some GIFs that will help you express them.

How we feel about all the delicious food that will be consumed over the next five days.

When you spend six hours on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway because you ignored the warnings about leaving on Wednesday afternoon.

When you claim to be mad that radio stations are playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving, but you secretly love it.

When your parents let you bring your laundry home, because your tiny urban apartment doesn’t have on-site machines.

When your out-of-town relatives try to mansplain the Thanksgiving cooking process.

When someone picked up a Momofuku Crack Pie for dessert.

After you botch your fancy heritage turkey and find out the Whole Foods in your neighborhood is out of regular birds.

And your favorite side dish isn’t on the table.

When you’ve exhausted all other options.

When you just got promoted to deputy chief of staff, but you’re still seated at the kids’ table.

When your in-laws realize how much your political views have changed since you moved to DC.

If a relative asks you “Why are so many people are complaining about the Washington NFL team’s name?”

When your aunt asks you if you’ve seen that new movie Tom Hanks is in.

When your family starts quizzing you about the presidential race just because you live in DC.

When anybody praises Donald Trump non-ironically.

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