Greek Deli Changed the Price of Its Avgolemono

Greek Deli owner Kostas Fostieris in a 2009 video.

In a city defined by transience, there are a few things we can count on: The Nationals and the Caps bombing out of the postseason. The never-ending argument over whether the name “Washington” is strictly a synonym for “DC” or can represent the whole area. And $5 avgolemono soup from the Greek Deli on 19th Street, Northwest.

But a Washingtonian editor recently found that the soup–made with chicken, lemon, egg, and orzo and served with a huge hunk of delicious bread–now costs $5.54.

And even worse for a magazine that prides itself on its coverage of the local food scene, this major cultural change has gone unremarked for months.

“Prices on our end all went up, and from the vendors, so we had to change our prices a little bit,” says someone who answered the phone at Greek Deli but didn’t give his name. He added that the change — from $4.50 to $4.99 pre-tax — took effect four or five months ago.

The soup has been a staple winter lunch item for Washingtonian staffers for years, including former Editorial Fellow Noah Weiland, who now works at Politico Magazine.

“While the price surge is worrisome for many of the regulars accustomed to handing over a crisp five and going on their way,” he says, “I’m pleased that [Greek Deli owner Kostas Fostieris] can earn a little bit more as a reward for his genius.”

Jackson Knapp
Assistant Editor