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There Are Actually 21 Places in the US Named Arlington

We're not as special as we thought.

Photograph by Thorney Lieberman/Getty Images.

Nearly half the states in the country have a town, village, city, or census-designated place called Arlington—ranked here by population. How does ours stack up?

Arlington, Wyoming

Population: 25

Arlington, Illinois

Population: 193

Arlington, Arizona

Population: 194

Arlington, Kentucky

Population: 324

Arlington, Iowa

Population: 429
Home of Chris Soules of“The Bachelor,” dubbed “the least geographically desirable bachelor ever” by Slate.

Arlington, Indiana

Population: 433

Arlington, Kansas

Population: 473

Arlington, Oregon

Population: 586

Arlington, Wisconsin

Population: 819

Arlington, South Dakota

Population: 915
Birthplace of Nobel Prize-winning economist Theodore Schultz.

Arlington, Nebraska

Population: 1,243

Arlington, Ohio

Population: 1,455

Arlington, Georgia

Population: 1,479

Arlington, Minnesota

Population: 2,233

Arlington, Vermont

Population: 2,317

Arlington, New York

Population: 4,061

Arlington, Tennessee

Population: 11,517
Called Haysville until 1883, when it was renamed after Arlington National Cemetery.

Arlington, Washington

Population: 17,926

Arlington, Massachusetts

Population: 42,844
Paul Revere passed through on his midnight ride to warn that the British were coming.

Arlington, Virginia

Population: 207,627

Arlington, Texas

Population: 365,438
The only one bigger than Virginia’s, it’s home to the Texas Rangers.


This article appears in our January 2016 issue of Washingtonian.

Jackson Knapp
Assistant Editor