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UPDATED: Capitals and Wizards Games Postponed Due to Snowstorm

Photograph via Flickr user Teka England.

The government’s closing early and supermarket shelves are emptying out as Washington prepares itself for the looming snowstorm. But for a little while, it seemed there might still have been hockey to play.

The NHL has announced that Friday’s game at the Verizon Center between the Washington Capitals and Anaheim Ducks will be postponed. But for a few hours, the NHL was intent on playing today, though it had decided to move it up from 7 PM to 5 PM. Tickets went for very cheap —starting at only $20 on StubHub.

But with Metro shutting down this weekend, unless you live within walking distance to the Verizon Center, it would have been tough getting out of downtown.

Capitals and Wizards owner Ted Leonsis announced on Twitter that they’ll monitor the weather throughout the storm and announce any more schedule changes as they come. The Washington Post’s Jorge Castillo reported earlier that the NBA has postponed Saturday’s game between the Wizards and Utah Jazz .

Chris Geldart, DC’s homeland security director, seems wary of the decision to keep games scheduled.


Jackson Knapp
Assistant Editor