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The Most Beautiful Instagrams of #Blizzard2016

Now that the slush is settling in and the nefarious-seeming black snow is about to start crowding your ankles on the sidewalks, it’s the perfect opportunity to gaze upon the photographic beauty the past three days of brisk winds and nearly two feet of sparkly snow. Here are some of our favorite #Blizzard2016 Instagrams from locals:

Walking on the frozen reflecting pool #aCreativeDC #sunsetsofdc #lincolnmemorial #snowzilla #igdc

A photo posted by Chris Sloan (@cvsloan) on

A spectacular sky over the Mall.

side shot from the lincoln memorial, low-fi filter. #lincolnmemorial #snowday #dc

A photo posted by BK (@xbenklein) on

With the Washington Monument in the distance, a little fun in the snow.

The view of Bluemont’s Retreat at Cool Spring (look for a spread on this house in our February issue)!

Up close, the snow turns holographic.

SWEAT THE STYLE now up on MoonriseDistrict.com ❄️? #SweatCrew #Blizzard2016

A photo posted by Jeimy Moonrise (@moonrisedistrict) on

Now this is how you shoot a fashion spread in a blizzard.

⛪️ • #MWxDC #SnotoriousBIG #Blizzard2016 #nationalshrinebasilica

A photo posted by MASTERWILLIAMS™ (@masterwilliams) on

A truly awe-inspiring portrait of the Basilica.

Driving through a winter wonderland ❄️ Fingers crossed we make it back to DC in one piece. #blizzard2016 #snow #jonasblizzard2016

A photo posted by Sarah & Michelle (@fiftytwothursdays) on

Blizzard roadtrip!

A #cape and two layers of wool tights, l can handle this #snowmageddon ???…well, for the first 20 minutes. ? #wwwwinter30

A photo posted by Holly | 小花 (@petiteflowerpresents) on

Only Holly of Petite Flower Presents could look this good with a gale blowing.

And of course, the token DC flag shot, because it’s never a bad time to show some District pride.

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