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8 Amazing Wallpapers You’ll Want to Cover Your House With

Interior Design by Atelier Baptiste Legué; Photo by Julie Ansiau.

For a bit of time there, wallpaper was as unsightly a feature to have in your home as a rotating bed or a laminate countertop. It peeled, it faded, and some of the retro designs were downright terrifying. Luckily, we’ve turned a corner on wallpaper and for the past several years there have been more fresh designs popping up than we have rooms in our houses.

Here, some of our absolute favorites from around the web:

"Frond Silhouette" available at Anthropologie.
“Frond Silhouette” available at Anthropologie.


"Paper Meadow" by Hannah Nunn.
“Paper Meadow” by Hannah Nunn.


"Storm Clouds" by Abigail Edwards.
“Storm Clouds” by Abigail Edwards.


"Best Coast" by Sandy White, available at Cavern.
“Best Coast” by Sandy White, available at Cavern.


"Elvi" by Flavor Paper.
“Elvi” by Flavor Paper.


"Constellation Wall Mural" by Ane Wall Decor.
“Constellation Wall Mural” by Ane Wall Decor.


"Sister Cities" by Grow House Grow.
“Sister Cities” by Grow House Grow.


"Matisse Is My Muse" by Kate Zaremba
“Matisse Is My Muse” by Kate Zaremba.

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