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Angry Tweets About Metro’s Proposed New Opening Hours

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Metro may go back to the late-night service hours it ended (perhaps temporarily) earlier this summer. But if those 3 a.m. trains return, they’ll do so at a cost, with Metro opening at 9 a.m. on Saturdays and noon on Sundays.

So what does this mean for people who rely on Metro to get around? Sure, the late-night service hours could allow millennials to get home from concerts or bars. But the later opening times on weekends could prevent those same millennials from rolling up to hungover brunches on Sunday mornings. (Granted, several new restaurants that Washingtonian recently recommended stop serving brunch at 3 p.m., so “Metro and mimosas” could still be a thing.)

But what about the 11 percent of Metro riders who earn less than $30,000 a year? Ubers and cabs may not be the option for them that they are for the brunch crowd. Churchgoers may have to figure out other ways of getting to Sunday morning services. And what about the 21 million tourists who descend on DC every year, and everyone who relies on Metro for weekend activities like going to the National Zoo? The later weekend opening times could prevent them from seeing the adorable ball of cuteness that is Bei Bei.

People on Twitter, of course, had much to say about Metro’s proposed opening hours. Here are some of our favorite angry tweets:

1. Wining about it

2. Something worse?

3. Breaking up is the hardest part

4. Sadly not satire

5. Slides over rides

6. Ben Franklin saw this coming

7. We’re jealous of this schedule

8. Because logic

9. “Y’all are not slick”

10. And finally…the ultimate throwback

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