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What a Month of Metro Delays Looks Like

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It can be difficult to convey the challenges Washington’s Metrorail system faces as it undergoes the massive repair program known as SafeTrack. Although that plan aims to improve safety and reliability, riders still find plenty to complain about–long travel times, hot cars, being stuck in a tunnel for an hour.

Here, in reverse chronological order, is one month’s worth of news reports and complaints about traveling on Metro. If your friends don’t understand why you complain so much about your  commute, send them this story. Pressed for time? No worries: The most updated plan postpones SafeTrack’s completion for at least one month.

August 31

1. Metro’s SafeTrack program prompts Marine Corps Marathon changes

2. Entrance at 19th Street to Metro’s Dupont Circle stop reopens

3. Metro closes rail station due to falling debris from ceiling

August 30

1. Delays for Metro riders on Orange, Silver and Yellow lines

August 29

August 28

1. SafeTrack expected to bring ‘extreme crowding’ on part of Metro’s Blue and Yellow lines

2. Metro vehicle torched in an apparent arson, authorities say

August 27

1. Metro worker complains of sexual harassment, allegedly told “maybe this isn’t the job for you”

August 26

1. Delays possible because of ‘high track temperatures,’ Metro warns

August 25

1. Normal service back on Metro’s Blue, Orange and Silver lines following earlier delays

2. Metro riders on the Orange Line should expect delays

3. Riders on Metro’s Red Line faced earlier delays

August 22

1. Metro riders face delays on Orange and Red lines

August 19

1. Delays for riders on Metro’s Blue and Red lines

August 18

1. Delays for Metro Red Line Riders due to track problem at Woodley Park

August 17

1. Arcing insulator near Friendship Heights caused delays on Metro’s Red Line

August 16

1. Red Line trains single-tracking between Van Ness and Dupont Circle Metro stations

August 15

1. Earlier delays for riders on Metro’s Red Line

2. Track problems on Blue, Orange and Silver Lines expected to last through PM rush

A leaking train:

And a leaking station:

August 13

August 12

August 11

1. Update: Orange Line resumes normal service after man struck by train at Minnesota Ave. Metro station

2. Blue and Silver Lines are no longer single-tracking; continued delays in both directions

August 10

Long journey: 

August 9

1. Red Line has unrelated delays on top of SafeTrack

August 7

1. Man hit by Metro train in DC

August 3

1. Track problem causes delays on Metro’s Blue and Yellow lines

August 1

1. Metro Red Line passengers faced morning of delays as major repair work started today



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