A DC Jeweler Turned Trump’s “Nasty Woman” Comment Into a Necklace

Photograph courtesy Rachel Pfeffer Designs

It didn’t take long for Donald Trump‘s interruption of Hillary Clinton during Wednesday night’s presidential debate in which he called the Democratic nominee “such a nasty woman” to graduate from rude comment to marketable, empowering meme.

Trump’s crude comment about his opponent quickly became one of social media’s top trends, along with his earlier description of some Mexican immigrants as “bad hombres.” Less than a day after the debate, crafty types across the internet are turning Trump’s latest insults into merchandise, including DC jeweler Rachel Pfeffer, who started making silver necklaces with pendants reading “Nasty Woman.”

“I was watching the debate last night with my husband, and after the debate ended it came to me that (making) this would be a good idea” Pfeffer says.

Pfeffer rushed to the studio to make the prototype, and while though she hasn’t had a many orders just yet, she thinks it’ll gain popularity.

Pfeffer’s jewelry often riffs on pop culture. She’s made items featuring catchphrases like “Yas Queen” and ” Lit,” but she says this is her first overtly political one. Keychains featuring “bad hombre” are also in the works.

Pfeffer says it’s fascinating that the internet and women have embraced the term and made something positive out of such a negative phrase. In less than 24 hours, “nasty woman” has made its way onto all kinds of different merchandise. A Clinton supporter also bought the domain and set it to redirect to the Clinton campaign’s website.

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