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Food Money Sex: Food Money Abstinence at Home

The weekend consumption diary for a random Washingtonian.

In Food Money Sex, we ask anonymous Washingtonians to diary the food they ate, the money they spent, and the sex they had over the course of their weekends. On Mondays, we put it on the internet. This week:

  • Does: Software, art, real estate investor, and creative storyteller, 40
  • Lives: 2BR row house in Capitol Hill. By myself.
  • Is: Male
  • Makes: $200,000
  • Married? No.
  • Friday: Free bites at First Friday art walk near Dupont Circle, followed by dinner at Beefsteak.
  • Saturday: Lunch at home–quinoa salad with fresh peppers, olives, corn, and black beans, topped with feta cheese. Dinner at home–Thai shrimp curry with whole wheat pita and bowl of plain Greek yogurt with fresh fruit.
  • Sunday: Breakfast at home–Evolution orange juice with turmeric, cayenne, and ginger followed by a bowl of oatmeal topped with walnuts, raisins, and dates. Lunch at home–lamb stew with brown rice and a cup of plain Maple Hill Creamery Yogurt. Dinner at home–leftover shrimp curry with whole wheat pita and dried apricots and baked apple chips. Glass of red wine.


  • Friday: $9.59 at Beefsteak
  • Saturday: $51 groceries at My Organic Market
  • Sunday: $10 for 1 pound lamb meat at Eastern Market
  • Total: $70.59
  • Last time was August 17, 1999.

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