What a SoulCycle Instructor Eats to Get Through Three Classes in a Day

All photographs courtesy Kate Champagne.

As a SoulCycle instructor, Kate Champagne gets in a lot of exercise. Teaching over a dozen classes a week, she’s constantly on the go. For that reason, she knows it’s important to keep her body fueled.

“When you sweat as much as I do (usually about 14 classes a week), eating and hydrating is as much a part of the job as the workout itself,” says Champagne. “My general food philosophy is ‘moderation not elimination.’ I love eating out in DC and don’t believe in depriving oneself of the things you enjoy. That being said, my physically demanding schedule requires a lot of attention to nutrition, so I try to be mindful and give my body what it needs to stay strong and energized.”

To she how she does it, here’s a peek at Champagne’s six-meal schedule on a day she’s leading three SoulCycle classes.

First Breakfast – 5 AM

“On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I teach a 6 AM and 8 AM class, which means two breakfasts.

I get up and eat a small bowl of Special K vanilla almond cereal, organic 2% milk and half a banana, and a cup of coffee (usually Starbucks brand in my Kurig),” says Champagne. “This works for me because it’s light and give me a little bit of sugar and caffeine for energy and a light dose of protein potassium, which my muscles will need for recovery. I drink a bottle of SmartWater during class number one and a second one when class is over to which I add an electrolyte powder (BCAAs with Glutamine) to aid in muscle recovery.”

Second Breakfast – 7:15 AM

“I leave SoulCycle MTVN for my 8 AM at SoulCycle GTWN and have a snack (today it’s avocado toast, but sometimes it’s a croissant from Paul—I have a weakness!) before my 8 AM,” says Champagne.

Morning Snack – 9 AM

“After class I get the Peanut Blast protein smoothie from Southblock YUM! It’s almond milk, bananas, peanut butter and 20g of whey protein. I spot friends from Lululemon Georgetown who have just taken class and order a green matcha creation at Grace Street Coffee and stay to chat,” says Champagne. “After a full morning of classes, I head home to answer emails, catch up on social media, do some stretching and foam rolling and take a nap.”


“When I’m up from my nap (I aim for two hours on days where I teach three classes, like today), I eat lunch,” says Champagne. “Today it’s my riff on a quesadilla. Inside the wrap is two eggs, homemade artichoke mash, scallions, crushed red pepper and a little bit of Colby Jack cheese to make it melty and delicious.”

Afternoon Snack – 4:30 PM

“I work on playlists for the evening and next morning and catch on personal odds and ends (i.e., heaps of sweaty laundry!) and reach for a snack about an hour before I leave to teach my last class of the day, which is at 6:30 PM,” says Champagne. “Fage 2% yogurt is a go-to because it’s high in protein and great for digestion. The acai bowl (like this one from South Block) is another great snack option.”

Dinner – 8 PM

“After class number three, I’m starving and can’t wait to get home to eat, take an Epsom salt bath and Netflix!” says Champagne. “I have two more classes tomorrow and a training session, so a balanced meal of lean protein, fiber, and some slow burning carbs is what’s for dinner. I’ll make whole wheat pasta and sauté together in a pan with a little olive oil chicken sausage with roasted red peppers, organic baby portabella mushrooms and toss it all together with a little Rao’s marinara sauce. (Salmon greens and lentils is another quick and easy dinner fave.) And I pour myself a glass of wine. After all, my middle name is Champagne.”

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