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Food Money Sex: What a Journalist/Musician/Record-Store-Clerk/Millennial-Cliche Eats

The weekend consumption diary for a random Washingtonian.

In Food Money Sex, we ask anonymous Washingtonians to diary the food they ate, the money they spent, and the sex they had over the course of their weekends. On Mondays, we put it on the internet. This week:

  • Does: Journalist, 28
  • Lives: With two roommates in a house in Stronghold. They are married. They own, I rent a room from them.
  • Is: Male.
  • Makes: $45,000.
  • Married? Single.
  • Friday: I made a roasted vegetable quinoa bowl for dinner, with Brussels sprouts, carrots, and fingerling potatoes, drizzled in a maple-tahini sauce. Capped it off with a Creme Brûlée Imperial Stout from Southern Tier Brewing Company. It’s a “dessert beer” and it packs a punch (10 percent ABV, 20 proof).
  • Saturday: I work at my friend’s record store so I dropped by the coffee shop ThreeFifty, for a quick breakfast of a broccoli cheddar quiche and a large cup of English breakfast tea before my shift. For lunch, I had leftover dinner. A friend brought me some spicy Injera chips during my shift. I met my parents for dinner at Giovanni’s Trattu. I split a Caprese salad with my mom for an appetizer, and for an entree I had the eggplant parmigiana. For dessert, we split Tiramisu.
  • Sunday: Big Bear Cafe to eat breakfast and read the Washington Post. I had an egg sandwich with arugula, sharp cheddar, and onions, with a side of breakfast potatoes and a Vanilla latte. For lunch, I made a salad with arugula, carrots, and radishes, and a homemade dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, white wine vinegar, parmesan cheese, and pepper.  My band had a show in Adams Morgan on Sunday evening, so I quickly scarfed down two vegetarian empanadas from Julia’s Empanadas before our set. They were OK. After the show, I came home and unloaded with another Creme Brûlée Imperial Stout.


  • Friday: $9.47 for the ingredients I didn’t have for making dinner.
  • Saturday:$12.34 for breakfast. Rented The Edge of Seventeen on Amazon for $6.99.
  • Sunday: $13.45 for breakfast, $12.38 for empanadas for dinner. But we made $25 at our show.
  • Total: $47.64 ($22.64 if you factor in weekend earnings)
  • It’s, uh, been a long while. Also, I started taking a new medication at night that makes me kind of sleepy and slightly impotent.

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Correction: This column originally gave the wrong age for the subject.