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5 Great TV Shows and Movies You Can Stream on This Snowy Day

Washingtonian staff have some recommendations for you.
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The snowstorm hit and many of us are at home, pretending to “telework” with the TV on in the background. Is there a better way to spend a frigid day at home? Washingtonian has some streaming recs for your snowy day inside.

Based on a novel of the same name, HBO’s Big Little Lies follows the twisted lives of three California mothers (Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley) against the backdrop of a mysterious murder. Its sprawling beach scenes and intense plots make for a perfect escape. (HBO) —Greta Weber

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“Case” is an Icelandic murder mystery. It is set in a cold place, moves drearily slow and has 9 45-minute episodes. If you are deeply slothful and have enough cheese in the house, you could find out what happened to the young ballerina Lara by day’s end. (Netflix) —Amanda Whiting

In Phoenix, Nelly Lenz gets a new face after leaving a concentration camp, but her scoundrel ex-husband Johnny doesn’t recognize her and even enlists her in a plan to “impersonate” his ex-wife so he can get her money. It’s beautifully shot and moves slowly and may have the best ending of any movie you’ll see all year. (Netflix) —Andrew Beaujon

I was just reading about how many Washingtonians don’t know about Marion Barry. He’s DC history and this documentary is old, but still good. (HBO) —Julie Strupp

This documentary will engross you through each suspenseful and tragic twist. Detailing the story of two young girls who stabbed their friend 19 times for “Slenderman,” it’s a chilling account of how powerful technology can be on susceptible minds. (HBO)—Rosa Cartagena

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