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Food Money Sex: Beer Yoga, Chicken Wings, and Sex with the BF

The weekend consumption diary for a random Washingtonian.

In Food Money Sex, we ask anonymous Washingtonians to diary the food they ate, the money they spent, and the sex they had over the course of their weekends. On Mondays, we put it on the internet. This week:
  • Does: Copywriter, 25
  • Lives: In Cleveland Park with a roommate
  • Is: Female
  • Makes: $55,000
  • Married? In a long-term relationship
  • Friday: Started the day with coffee, yogurt, blueberries, and granola at home before heading to a filming location for a video I was shooting for my job. On set, I snacked on trail mix, a dark almond mocha Kashi bar, and more coffee ’til we finally broke for lunch around 4. Ate two chicken fajitas and a heaping serving of guac. After we wrapped around 8, I went to Homestead in Petworth with some colleagues to cheers a day of hard work —  drank two Moscow mules as we all munched on bacon-wrapped dates, tuna tartare, veggie risotto cakes, and a charcuterie with goat cheese, gruyere, prosciutto, and apple butter. I left the bar around 10 and went to my boyfriend’s house, where a glass of Sauvignon Blanc was waiting for me.
  • Saturday: After a morning Flywheel class I ate a banana while walking to A Baked Joint with a good friend. There, I enjoyed iced coffee and an herb and goat cheese biscuit topped with a fried egg. For lunch at home I munched on some leftover crunchy Chinese cabbage salad I had made earlier that week and leftovers from a dinner at Mintwood Place on Thursday — tagliatelle bolognese with Percorino. After lunch and lounging at home, I headed to my boyfriend’s place with friends who had assembled after a march. While there, I drank a Strongbow cider, a Dale’s Pale Ale, and some shitty beer during a game of beer pong. Around 7, we met up with some friends to celebrate a birthday at Solly’s. I drank three Natty Boh tallboys and ended the night with chicken wings and mac ’n’ cheese from Oohs and Aahs — do. not. regret.
  • Sunday: Sunday morning I was up early to head to Silver Spring for a yoga class at Denizens Brewing Co. — called #YogaOnTap. After class, we got a complimentary beer — I chose the Blanc Yeah! Belgian-Style Saison — and I ordered a quinoa burger with kale slaw, pickled onions, aioli, and rosemary parmesan fries. Swung by Starbucks on the way to the metro for an iced coffee, and then spent the rest of the afternoon at home. I finished my Mintwood Place leftovers for dinner and did a little more munching on my crunchy Chinese cabbage salad. Post-dinner, I ate two chocolate-covered Oreos dipped in peanut butter.
  • Friday: Since I was on set working a video shoot for my job all day, all of my meals were either catering or comp’d. Came out spending $0 this day.
  • Saturday: Bottle of water before Flywheel class — $2. Coffee + biscuit sammie @ A Baked Joint — $9.30. Uber — $4.07. Natty Bohs @ Solly’s (put a few friends on my tab) — $30. Oohs and Aahs mac and wings — $10.06. Uber — $8.51.
  • Sunday: Uber — $6.99. Lunch @ Denizens Brewing co. — $18. Coffee from Starbucks — $2.39
  • Total: $91.32
  • Friday: Friday night before falling asleep.
  • Saturday: Saturday morning before working out. Both times in a bed, both times with my boyfriend — who I happen to love very much.
  • Sunday: None.

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