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15 Smart Travel Accessories That Will Make Your Trip So Much Smoother

Photos by Laura Metzler.

Space-saving gadgets, TSA-friendly beauty products, and other lightweight, innovative gear to take on your summer vacation.

1. Plug and PlayTravel smart with the Away carry-on with built-in USB port ($225; and the Bravo luggage-tracker tag ($30; Photographs by Laura Metzler.

2-3. The leather Tech Dopp Kit 2 takes the tangle out of cords; $219 at An IonBank 5K battery has a compartment with Lightning and USB cables; $80 at

3. At nine ounces, the wireless, noise-canceling Beoplay H8 headphones are lighter than most; $500 at

4. JBL’s rugged Charge 3 speaker can play your music for up to 20 hours; $150 at

5. Plug the GL-MT300A mini-router into an ethernet or connect to hotel wi-fi to enable your wireless devices; $32 at

6. Beautycounter’s Protect Stick Sunscreen eliminates another liquid in your carry-on; $18 for face stick, $34 for body stick at

7. Unlike other solar panels, the slim Solartab comes with a power bank so you can charge devices even on a rainy day; $100 at

8. With a Gotenna, you don’t need wi-fi or cell service to text a Gotenna-equipped companion; $150 a pair at

9. Starck’s sunglasses are hard to snap or crush, no matter where you stuff them; $410 at Voorthuis Opticians.

10. Compressed Towel Tablets unfurl when wetted into a thick wipe; $5 at

11. The Luna Play Plus skin-cleansing brush uses sonic pulses to gently scrub away the grime of travel; $50 at

12. Mophie’s Juice Pack Air smartphone case doubles battery life with the flip of a switch and provides high-impact protection; $99.95 at

13. SU:M37’s Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick won’t need to go through airport security in a Ziploc; $28 at

15. The silicone-bristled Issa electric toothbrush is charged with a USB cord; $200 at

This article appears in the June 2017 issue of Washingtonian.

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