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June 2017: The Best of Washington

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The Best of Washington

Our 200 favorite things to see, do, and eat—fitness classes, kids’ outings, home furnishings, crabcake, chocolate-chip cookie, happy hours, and more. Edited by Sherri Dalphonse.


My Late-Term Abortion

The unexpected letting-go for a baby—and a professional identity—halfway through pregnancy. By Alexis K. Miller.

Breitbart’s (Other) Man in the White House

How Matt Boyle went from an outsider ridiculed for his awkward mien and his activist tendencies to one of the best-wired reporters in the new Washington. By Luke Mullins.

AP Images.
AP Images.

The Trumptown Tribunes

The 45th President has upended the hierarchy of the White House briefing room. Our guide to its new, right-wing power centers. By Elaina Plott and Noah Lanard.

The Last Ambassador

Forty years on, the mysterious murder of the US envoy in Kabul still echoes through American foreign policy. By Will Grunewald.


The New QueueWashington’s strange new affinity for waiting in line.

Photograph by Angela B. Pan.
Photograph by Angela B. Pan.

Twitter Famous: The 2016 election didn’t carry Mike Huckabee to DC, but his new social-media persona has made him a sensation here.

Facebook for Grandma: Teenager Jordyn Lemer wants to be the social-media tutor for the old-media generation.

Music is Life: Zuzana Růžičková says “100 miracles” saved her through the Holocaust. One of them was Bach.

Tiger Tombstone: The victim of an old-time circus mauling gets a belated sendoff.


17 Things You Really Ought To Do This Month

Photograph courtesy of Universal Talent.
Photograph courtesy of Universal Talent.


Kevin ClarkThis professor studies the interplay of race and technology.

Balcony PoliticsWhat one apartment building’s civil war over political signs says about today’s Washington.

The Color of RadioPublic radio has long struggled to win a diverse listenership. Is WAMU bucking the trend?

Alicia Montgomery of WAMU. Photograph by Jeff Elkins.
Alicia Montgomery of WAMU. Photograph by Jeff Elkins


Pack a Punch: Space-saving gadgets, TSA friendly beauty products, and other lightweight, innovative gear to take on your summer vacation.

Photograph by Laura Metzler.

Wired for SuccessA program at MedStar is betting that smart people with no training in medicine can come up with innovations in health care.

Take a Drive to the Outer BanksEven if you love our town, it’s nice to get away. This month: what to do in Duck and other North Carolina beach towns popular with Washingtonians.


MirabelleFrank Ruta puts his stamp on classical French cuisine.

Dish of the MonthCrispy whole dorade with Chengdu sauce at Tiger Fork. It tastes as majestic as it looks.

Photograph by Scott Suchman.
Photograph by Scott Suchman

Bucatini with Shrimp, Almond Pesto, and Cherry TomatoesA big-bowl pasta for your next summer party.

Table Talk: The wrong—and right—ways to interact with your server.

Fresh on the SceneThe new and exciting in the food world—ranked!


The Barn by the BeachA Washington developer builds his own Rehoboth getaway.

Fab First ImpressionsTwo Washington houses get high-impact facelifts.

Neighborhood GuideThe whole Hill. Where to eat, shop, and play in our favorite Capitol Hill neighborhoods.

Photograph by Scott Suchman.
Photograph by Scott Suchman

How to Keep the Dog-Park Peace: When off-leash fun turns dangerous, inattentive humans are often to blame.

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