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Do You Have Room in Your Heart (and Your Home) for a 35-Pound Cat Named Symba?

Photograph courtesy the Humane Rescue Alliance.

The Humane Rescue Alliance now has a giant 6-year-old tabby named Symba available at its New York Avenue Adoption Center.

Symba was surrendered about a week ago by his DC owner who recently went into a nursing home and couldn’t bring him along.

“As cute as he is and as much as we love him, he really has to lose weight,” says Matt Williams, senior director of communications at Humane Rescue Alliance. “He needs to shed pounds and get healthy to make sure he has a nice long life.”

He was evaluated by Humane Rescue Alliance vets and Williams says they’ll have Symba on a vet monitored diet and exercise routine, which includes use of a wheel.

As for his size, Williams suspects the problem was overfeeding. Whoever adopts Symba will need to be diligent with the exercise and diet program to get him to a healthier cat weight.

Former editorial fellow Kayla Randall is City Lights editor at Washington City Paper.