Yet Another Game of Thrones Pop-Up Is Coming to Shaw

And it's on the same block as the Game of Thrones Pub.

The Dracarys cocktail from Drink Company's Game of Thrones Pub. Photograph by Farrah Skeiky

After a series of wildly successful pop-ups (Christmas Bar, Cherry Blossom Pub), Derek Brown and Angie Fetherston’s Drink Company will launch a Game of Thrones-themed watering hole in Shaw on June 21. Given the long lines at their past pop-ups—and excitement from GOT fans, including a friendly mention from author George RR Martin himself—the wait time may be significant.

At least that’s what neighbor Drift on 7th (formerly Fishnet) is betting on for its own menu of Game of Thrones-inspired fare. The themed menu is not officially related to Drink Company’s elaborate production, which will include decorating different rooms like various realms in the Seven Kingdoms. There’s no telling if the originators of the pop-up are irked by a neighbor jumping on their Game of Thrones bandwagon—and potentially diverting business—though they issued the following to Washingtonian:

“This wasn’t a collaboration, so we don’t have a comment.”

The seafood restaurant from chef Ferhat Yalcin, located on the same block as the pop-up, announced today that they’re “poised to serve those who may become a little peckish while waiting for their turn to imbibe” with a menu that’s “in keeping with the Game of Thrones theme.” A lineup of quick-serve snacks includes King of the North Mussels and Lannister Gold Corn—regular menu items rebranded to reference the show. Drift’s bar will also pour Drinklage Shots (vodka, pineapple, peach schnapps) and coconut rum-based Lannister Tea for those who can’t wait for a Dothraquiri cocktail from the Game of Thrones Pub.

A press release from Drift also notes that “those on line can have a space-saver and stop in for a quick bite to eat in or take out to share with their comrades while they prepare for their TV show inspired cocktail experience that will no doubt be superb.” However, Drift publicist Wendy Gordon says there’s no formal line-standing arrangement provided by employees at Drift.

“We’re looking at the kindness of others, and hoping someone will be kind enough to save your place,” says Gordon.

Blatant piggybacking is rare, although where there’s a line, there’s likely another business profiting from said line. My colleague Jessica Sidman wrote about how Rose’s Luxury‘s notorious queue benefited its Barracks Row neighbors when people sought food and drink while waiting for tables (or when turned away). Gordon says that Drift on Seventh experienced boosts in business during Drink Company’s previous pop-ups, which garnered lines as long as three hours and even involved bribes.

“We’ve definitely seen an uptick,” she says.

Update: As Tyrion Lannister once said, “We only make peace with our enemies. That’s why it’s called making peace.”


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