Cheap Eats 2017: Curry Leaf

Dine and eat delicious curry food at Curry leaf. Photo by Scott Suchman

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Typically, we’d recommend skipping a lunchtime Indian buffet—the uninspiring array of dishes can taste stale, and flavors tend to be dumbed down. Not so at this cozy spot, where afternoons bring a bounty of bright salads, curries, and fritters that include such finds as fried chilies with mint chutney and tender goat stew, plus a garden’s worth of vegetarian items—all for $12 ($14 on weekends). On the regular menu, chef Saravan Krishnan crafts terrific renditions of the meatless dishes (dosas, eggplant-peanut curry) and coastal specialties (crab Malabar) of his native Southern India. Also good: Tandoori lamb chops; egg curry with flatbread.