5 Things We Learned About Bryce Harper from His New Food Instagram

Can we talk about these breakfasts?

Bryce Harper and his wife Kayla at Filomena's in Georgetown. Photograph via Instagram

Who’s the biggest food lover among the Nationals? We thought it was Ryan Zimmerman, a major investor in the newly-opened Salt Line, but now Bryce Harper is strutting his culinary stuff. The star right fielder just launched a “food blog” with wife Kayla, according to, which is actually just an Instagram account that tracks their culinary travels around DC and on the road.

What did we discover from the posts so far?

They dig a good meat and cheese board

If you thought life with the Nats was all lean protein and power smoothies, think again. The Harpers kicked off a food-gramming spree at North Italia restaurant near Scottsdale while the Nats took on the Arizona Diamondbacks. It turns out the couple likes a platter prosciutto, cheese, grilled bread, and those fancy green olives as much as the next person. Both are Mormon and don’t drink, so we’re guessing what looks like a Moscow mule is a virgin one.

They eat tacos for breakfast

With pancakes! Granted, these are gluten-free chocolate-chip pancakes—which seems like an dietary oxymoron—but still. #Jealous

They put French fries on their steak

Honestly, I don’t know what’s going on here. Did the Harpers do this? Did Mastro’s Steakhouse? Is this a weird little pro-athlete indulgence? (“No large side of French-fried potatoes for us, just a smidgen on the steak.”) Either way, we need to know more. And speaking of which….

They’re not over-sharers (unfortunately). 

How did it taste? Where is this restaurant? Are you in a restaurant? I had half a toe nail for breakfast, please feed me. All valid requests from #harpeats followers. We demand to know more! Sure, you’re eating a lovely morning meal that could feed five, but what are you tasting, feeling, thinking, and dreaming?

They totally #humblebrag 

Okay, let’s talk about harp.eats Instagram bio: “A couple trying to show the world that food babies can be more appealing than abs.” Have you seen Bryce Harper’s abs? Let me repeat: Have. YouSeen. Bryce. Harper’s. Abs. They’re like a six-pack of fresh-baked rolls—which I’m sure the Harpers can eat for breakfast—but they’re abs! I’m guessing Kayla Harper’s tum is equally svelte. So yes, your food baby abs are more appealing than any abs, ever. We get it.

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