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My Roommate’s The Worst: Cat Poop In The Hallway

Your weekly dose of roommates being gross.

Image capturing pettiness via iStock.

In My Roommate’s The Worst, we ask anonymous Washingtonians to share their horror stories of living with roommates who can sometimes (or always) suck. On Wednesdays, these snapshots of pettiness, passive-aggression, and downright bad behavior go on the internet. Have a good story? Email

Age at the time: 22
Occupation/title at the time: Student
Living situation: Six-bedroom, three-bathroom house
Neighborhood: South Arlington
Number of roommates: 5
Rent contribution: $750
What happened: We had a new random roommate move in, fleeing her previous one-bedroom apartment with an ex-boyfriend so even before her official move-in date we figured we were in for a rollercoaster ride. On the day she moved in we were introduced to the unexpected and unwelcome roommate: her cat.

Besides the fact that her cat being there could have had us evicted and one roommate had to start getting allergy shots to deal, her move-in process seemed to last in perpetuity. The house was covered in enough stuff for a very large family. Junk everywhere became business as usual so I just started accepting things lying around.

At the end of the first month I woke up in the morning and, half-awake, stumbled to the mold-infested dilapidated bathroom that four of us shared. (Side note: the bathroom accumulated a new smell when she moved in that the other roommates and I could never figure out or get rid of.) As I walked through the small hallway, my foot bumped one of the tied-up bags that had been sitting there since she moved in. Vaguely annoyed, I picked it up to determine if it was something I could throw in her room or just go ahead and toss. I opened it to reveal a large bag of cat poop.

A bag of cat poop had been sitting in the hallway for an entire month.

I walked it outside and deposited it in the trash before taking my shower. Five months of daily surprises later, I finally got the hell out of dodge and found far less disgusting roommates.