You Can Now Track Your Flywheel Workouts On Strava

Photograph courtesy FlywheelxStrava.

If you haven’t heard of Strava, you probably aren’t a biker or a runner. For that matter, you probably also have never met a biker or a runner.

Strava, for the uninitiated, is a workout-tracking app that both allows you to keep a diary of miles logged and to receive feedback and data on the quality of those miles. There’s also a social aspect to the app, through which users can share workouts and leave comments or “kudos” on their friend’s workouts. It’s essentially Facebook for exercise nerds, and it’s growing rapidly: According to Strava, the platform has one million new athletes join every 40 days.

But while the app is great for tracking your sweat sessions on the open road, if you opted to hit up an indoor cycling class instead, there wasn’t a great way to automatically include that data in your Strava profile. Until now: Flywheel, the popular boutique cycling chain, just announced a partnership with Strava, which will allow riders to track their class data on the Strava app.

Given that an important component of Flywheel is the competitive and social side of it—the TorqBoard at the front of the class allows participants to see where they’re ranked among their fellow riders—the partnership with Strava makes sense. Similarly, on Strava, runners and bikers can see other’s times on routes and use those times to motivate their own workouts.

“Both of our brands appeal to the world’s most engaged fitness consumers—those looking to challenge themselves and others—and our integrated offering enables these fitness athletes to now compete and compare ride stats, enabling them to achieve more of their brilliant goals and share their achievements with the world,” said Flywheel CEO Sarah Robb O’Hagan in a press release.

Through the app integration, Flywheel riders’ workouts will automatically sink to their Strava profiles. That way, the minute riders leave the class, they can open Strava to see their speed, distance, and Flywheel “Power Score,” which is based on speed and resistance, then share the workout with others.

To track your next Flywheel class on Strava, you just need to sync your Flywheel account with your Strava profile, which can be done online here.


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