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Food Money Sex: Plum Juice, Bacon Cheeseburgers, and Flapper Party Dress-Up

The weekend consumption diary for a random Washingtonian.

In Food Money Sex, we ask anonymous Washingtonians to diary the food they ate, the money they spent, and the sex they had over the course of their weekends. On Mondays, we put it on the internet. This week:
  • Does: Journalist, 25
  • Lives: Brookland with my boyfriend
  • Is: Female
  • Makes: $45,000
  • Married? Maybe one day?
  • Friday: Honestly, I didn’t eat much all day. I don’t count calories much, but I was focused on work all day until the end. Finally, I grabbed myself an iced chai latte from Slipstream to up my sugar and deliciousness content. In Brookland, where I live, I took a short walk to get some fresh air before heading to the Trinity Deli for some plum juice, a sweet treat I truly deserved. Finally, I headed to Fairfax’s Mosaic District to hang with some friends. There, I noshed on a Ted’s Bulletin  “All American” bacon cheeseburger with fries because life is short, and salads are for wimps. To wash it all down, a Fairwinds IPA. Finally, the night ended off at the Angelika movie theater where I cried to, “In This Corner of the World,” after grabbing a Flying Dog IPA and a pistachio macaron because, guys really, this week was a long one.  
  • Saturday: Apparently, 11 a.m. on a Saturday is one of the worst times to try and snatch a U-Haul because there were none available. Womp womp. Never fear, though, as food is always here to make everything better. After shopping at Giant, I baked a pumpkin carrot cake. For some added energy, I purchased a Starbucks Medium Blend cold brew coffee that ended up smelling like cold cut meat. Rather than drink it, I instead ate a hot dog because I was too tired after baking to make a salad. And I’m no wimp. Later that night, I fit into my best flapper dress and headed to a 1920s-themed party in Georgetown, drank a few more Flying Dog IPAs, and slurped down a cocktail of some sort. Everything is a blur from there.
  • Sunday: Didn’t get to sleep in much because it was time to nab a U-Haul—early this time. After picking up a new bed and dropping off my broken and probably bed bug-ridden old one in the trash, it was time for a much-needed snack. Salad this time. I caved. For some laughs, I attended the Women in Comedy’s Inside Jokes conference at Downtown’s Drafthouse Comedy venue. After a few hours of networking and inspiring panelist discussions on mentorship and “finding your truth,” I went to a nearby Au Bon Pain to get a Chipotle Turkey and Avocado sandwich with a hazelnut coffee. Before ending the night with some Game of Thrones and Twin Peaks (David Lynch is my idol btw), I got a rainbow roll and salmon and avocado roll delivered to me from Wok & Roll. They forgot the Thai iced tea, though. 🙁
  • Friday: Slipstream latte ($5.00), plum juice ($1.75), Ted’s Bulletin ($23.29), Angelika + IPA ($21.00)
  • Saturday: Supplies for pumpkin carrot cake + Starbucks cold meat brew + hot dog ($19.45), Flying Dog IPA ($10.99)
  • Sunday: Uhaul ($62.54), Inside Jokes conference ($0.00), Au Bon Pain ($12.25), Wok & Roll sushi ($24.12)
  • Total: $180.39
  • Friday-Sunday: Y- … no.

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