Sports Bar Smackdown: Vote For the Best DC Football Bar Here

Let the games begin.
Sports Bar Smackdown: Vote For the Best DC Football Bar Here

Listen up, Washingtonians. As summer turns to fall, we are now firmly entrenched in football season, meaning it’s time for fantasy leagues, tailgating, and anticipated disappointment for fans of a certain local team. Because misery loves company, we’ve conducted deep research to uncover every NFL team’s respective local watering hole, bringing you the first ever Sports Bar Smackdown, a single elimination tournament for the highly sought-after title of Best DC Sports Bar.

Here’s how it works: Voting for the AFC teams/sports bars begins Monday, September 25 at 7am and ends Wednesday, September 27 at noon. NFC voting starts Wednesday at 1pm and ends Friday at 7pm. From there, a new round of voting will happen each week. May the best bar win.

UPDATE: It has been brought to our attention that RFD, a once beloved Browns bar, is closed. Believe it or not, there are two Browns bars in DC, so we’ve put Paddy Barry’s in its place.

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