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Food Money Sex: Pumpkin Chocolate Cookies and Loud Reunion Sex

The weekend consumption diary for a random Washingtonian.

In Food Money Sex, we ask anonymous Washingtonians to diary the food they ate, the money they spent, and the sex they had over the course of their weekends. On Mondays, we put it on the internet. This week:
  • Does: Account Executive for a Communications Firm, 24
  • Lives: Ashburn, but spends most weekends at boyfriend’s Alexandria studio
  • Is: Female
  • Makes: $40,000
  • Married? Taken by aforementioned boyfriend
  • Friday: For breakfast, I blend pineapple, a kiwi and vanilla yogurt into a smoothie which I down while simultaneously putting on makeup and FaceTiming babe. I’m not a breakfast person, so by 10 AM I’m regretting not eating something more substantial and grab a Clif bar out of the office kitchen. It’s payday, and I’m craving Cava but opt for leftover veggie lasagna with eggplant, peppers and zucchini. I’m tempted to buy Dominos on the way home, but eating pizza alone isn’t fun so I make an omelette out of two eggs, a tomato from my grandma’s garden and shredded swiss. After my roommate gets home from work we have a bourbon and ginger ale to celebrate her promotion before I load up the car and head to babe’s.
  • Saturday: Babe has been asking me to make turkey chili all summer, so we head to Wegman’s with a quick stop by Misha’s for iced Americanos and spinach feta turnovers. After Wegman’s we heat up perogies, which we eat while watching The Notebook—my first time, and it’s a pretty terrible movie TBH. After an hour and a half of watching Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams treat each other and everyone else in Seabrook terribly, we cook three-bean, corn and turkey chili and I try a new pumpkin chocolate cookie recipe. After dinner drinks are in Old Town at Sonoma Cellar. I have a glass of Hanna Sauvignon Blanc, babe chooses Dr. Konstantin Frank Chardonnay and has a second glass since it takes me a good hour to nurse mine. Eventually we meander down to the waterfront and stop in at Hi-Tide Lounge for a glass of Fantini Rose (me) and a pumpkin ale (his). We stay out later than planned, but the wine was worth it.
  • Sunday: We’re meeting babe’s sister and her husband for an early lunch in Tysons and grab a pumpkin cookie (still delicious) on the way out the door. Lunch is at Shamshiry: I order the chicken kabab and try a bit of babe’s barg. We’re still exhausted from last night, but browse through the mall with his sister and get a necessary Americano before heading back to his place for a nap (which turned into watching the Eagles vs. Chiefs). For dinner, babe suggests Cava, which satisfies my week-long craving. He tries the yellow pepper tahini dressing, harissa and falafel; I stick with tried-and- true chicken, crazy feta and a colorful mix of toppings.
  • Friday: At the beginning of the month I had to have some minor repairs on my car, and I don’t want to touch my paycheck yet. I save on food today, but have to pick up a few items at Harris Teeter on my way home.
  • Saturday: I treat babe to breakfast at Misha’s and we agree that I’ll buy the ingredients for food and he’ll cover drinks that night. Chili ingredients are so cheap, cookies just a bit more and I pick up a $5 hedgehog for the cat, the type that you pull out the tail and it scurries around (he lost it before the weekend is over). Babe keeps his promise on drinks.
  • Sunday: Babe’s sister treats us to lunch. I’m searching for a gift to send my best friend for her birthday, but nothing at the mall jumps out and I decide to mail her face masks instead. Starbucks comes to $7 plus tip, and I have the Cava rewards app, so I pay for dinner.
  • Total: $105.03
  • Friday: Due to travel and family events, it’s been three weeks since I’ve seen babe, which may have played into the desperate, got-to- have-you- now sex once I arrive at his place. Long and passionate, in several different positions, and I fall asleep on his chest afterward.
  • Saturday: We sleep in for the first time in months and I’m too drowsy to want anything beyond kisses and cuddles. We have an after dinner, before drinks quickie which is all about babe, and I want it that way. He makes it up to me later that night with slightly drunk, raw, very passionate sex. It’s definitely some of the best I’ve ever had—and I’m pretty sure his neighbors heard me several times throughout the night. Sorry about that.
  • Sunday: I wake up sore and babe has to do some pre-Monday work, so just cuddles this time.

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