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This DC Restaurant Will Offer Politically Themed Specials Until Trump Is Impeached

Get the "Robert Mueller Special Combo" at Chef Brian’s Comfort Kitchen

One of the political specials at Chef Brian's Comfort Kitchen in downtown DC. Photo by Greta Jochem.

Restaurants need little excuse for a food or drink special, but… the Russia investigation?

First, the Bird in Logan Circle began offering $5 “Moscow Mueller” cocktails anytime one of President Trump‘s associates is indicted in the Robert Mueller probe. And now, Chef Brian’s Comfort Kitchen is joining in—with fervor.

The downtown establishment recently advertised the “Robert Mueller Special Combo.” For $12, you could get the “impeachment golden fried chicken salad” with a cup of yam soup. On other days, a combo with the same name has included an “impeachment BLT.”

Owner Brian Hill started the specials a few weeks ago after Trump’s controversial comments reportedly calling El Salvador, Haiti, and Africa “shithole countries.”

“If this guy wants to stand on black people’s shoulders and call himself tall, he better pack a lunch because it’s going to be an all day affair,” says Hill, who’s worked for Mary J. Blige and had a brief stint on Top Chef.

Fired up, he posted a message on the whiteboard outside his restaurant saying: “If you’re… African, Haitian, Mexican, gay, straight, bisexual, transgender or from anywhere else, we welcome you to our shithole restaurant.”

A few days later, Hill started offering a steady stream of anti-Trump-themed specials, which have drawn attention to the restaurant. In addition to catching lots of people snapping pictures of the sign, it’s been a conversation starter inside the joint. And he’s just getting started. 

“I plan to do it every day until he is impeached,” Hill says.

Greta Jochem
Editorial Fellow