These Five Local Artists Will Create Custom Portraits of Your Pet

These Five Local Artists Will Create Custom Portraits of Your Pet
Drawing by Katie Garrison.

These artists will turn your pet into a work of art—and won’t charge a fortune.

1. Katie Garrison

Carrollton, Va.

Specialty: All species.

Medium: Pencil.

Price: An 8-by-10-inch illustration starts at $120. Alternate sizes are available.

How it works: Send one to three high-resolution photos, along with details you want included. Garrison sends a sketch early on so you can make adjustments.

A little more: “My favorite subject is dogs,” says Garrison. “Heidi, our sweet goldendoodle, is my muse.”

2. Jamie Peterson

Glover Park

Specialty: All species.

Media: Ink-and-watercolor, oil.

Price: $80 for 5 by 7 inches, $125 for 8 by 10, $175 for 12 by 18. Oil portraits begin at $500.

How it works: Peterson works from photos or life. Turnaround is approximately four to six weeks, but rush orders are available.

A little more: Offers live painting for events and special occasions.

Illustration by Jamie Peterson.
Illustration by Jamie Peterson.

3. Elizabeth Graeber

Takoma Park

Specialty: Dogs, cats, birds.

Medium: Watercolor.

Price: An 8-by-10-inch portrait starts at $100. Ask about pricing for larger pieces.

How it works: Send two to four photos for Graeber to work from. Turnaround is about two weeks.

A little more: She donates $10 of each portrait to the Humane Rescue Alliance, where she got her two dogs, Chickpea and Willow.

Watercolor by Elizabeth Graeber.
Watercolor by Elizabeth Graeber.

4. Stormy Clowdis

Lynchburg, Va.

Specialty: Dogs and cats, but Clowdis says: “I’m waiting for the day I get an otter or tarantula!”

Media: Pencil and watercolor.

Price: A 6-by-9-inch portrait starts at $45. Ask about pricing for larger pieces.

How it works: Send several pictures of the animal. You’ll get your piece in one to three days.

A little more: Clowdis loves to include clients’ favorite foliage—such as their wedding bouquet or state flower. “It really frames their pet in a unique way,” she says.

Illustration by Stormy Clowdis.
Illustration by Stormy Clowdis.

5. Susie Carmichael


Specialty: Dogs and cats.

Medium: Acrylic.

Price: $79 for 8 by 8 inches to $429 for 24 by 24 for a single pet. Each additional animal in the portrait is $75.

How it works: Along with photos of your pet, you’ll send background-color preferences.

A little more: In lieu of a solid color, consider getting a quote for an ornate background such as a graphic wallpaper pattern.

Painting by Susie Carmichael.
Painting by Susie Carmichael.

This article appears in the February 2018 issue of Washingtonian.

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